Currently announced 2016 guests!

Voice Actors

Koya-Con 3 is excited to welcome Jeremy Inman back to Midland! Jeremy began voice-acting back in 2000 with Android 16 in Dragon Ball Z. Since then, he's gone on to voice many characters in multiple titles. Currently working as both a voice actor and voice director, some of his favorite projects include: Magellan in One Piece, Yo in Dagashi Kashi, Android 16, and Miles in GANGSTA! His directing projects include: Terror in Resonance, Heroic Legend of Arslan, Heavy Object, Sengoku Basara, GANGSTA, and many others! Check out his fanpage on Facebook: Jeremy Inman. Voice Actor/Director


Josh Grelle will be joining us for Koya-Con 3! A native Texan and avid anime fan, Josh Grelle has been working in voice work for over 10 years. After starting with ADV Films in January 2004, Josh was quickly bombarded with tons of in-booth experience on a wide range of shows, including Wedding Peach, Steam Detectives, 009-1, and the legendary Gatchaman. He began working for FUNimation Entertainment in 2006. Since then, he has starred in numerous titles; his most famous being Kenichi in Kenichi: The Mightiest Disciple. Other roles include Armin in Attack on Titan, Kyohei in the Wallflower, Kouichi in Linebarrles of Iron, Yuki in Future Diary, Itsuki in Initial D, and Kuranosuke in Princess Jellyfish. More recent roles include Chow from Starship Troopers: Invasion, Nicky in Mass Effect: Paragon Lost, Kazuya Aoi in Freezing, Yuji Sakai in Shakugan no Shana, Akihisa Yoshii in Baka and Test, and Komatsu in Toriko. Aside from anime, Josh has lent his voice to a number of video games, including Sima Shi in Dynasty Warriors 7, Xbalanque in Smite, Dave in Borderlands 2, and the voice of the "energetic" custom character in Dragonball Z: Ultimate Tenkaichi. Josh is represented by The Mary Collins Agency.


Leah Clark will be joining us for Koya-Con 3! Leah is a voice actress and ADR script writer/director working for Funimation/Okratron 5000. Some of her voice roles include Blair from Soul Eater, Saki Morimi in Eden of the East, Suzuka Asahina from Suzuka, Minami Shimada in Baka and Test, Rin from Toriko, Miyabi Kannazuki in Freezing, Ayanokouji from Ouran High School Host Club, Noah in Fullmetal Alchemist the Movie: Conqueror of Shamballa, Nodoka Miyazaki from Negima!, and Homura in Sekirei!


Paul St. Peter is a voice actor from Los Angeles whose many anime’ and video game credits include KINGDOM HEARTS (Xemnas), NARUTO (Nine Tail Fox), ROBOTECH (Zor Prime), BLEACH (Yammy), WORLD OF WARCRAFT (Boden The Imposing), DYNASTY WARRIORS I-IV (Yuan Shao), DIGIMON (KOKOMON), ZETMAN (Sugito), MAJIN (Majin), and RESIDENT EVIL 5 (Swahili Zombie). Paul has comical voices too, from COWBOY BEBOP (Punch) to DIGIMON WARRIORS (Wormmon). Among his other game, anime, and feature anime credits are GURREN LAGAAN (Jorgun), THE COUNT OF MONTE CRISTO (Mondego), MONSTER (Dr. Reichwein), PAPRIKA (Konakawa), LUPIN III The Secret of Mamo (Mamo), DURARARA (Higa), X-COM (Dr. Heinrich), BATTLE B-DAMON (Armada), DIABLO III (Demented Spirit), and DEFIANCE (Burgess). He has recently wrapped work on MONSTER STRIKE (Death Panda), DRAKENGARD 3 (Michael the Dragon), JOJO'S BIZARRE ADVENTURES (Dire/Jack The Ripper/Wamuu), NARUTO 7: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 (Kurama), THE SEVEN DEADLY SINS (Armor Giant), ANJIN (Hirazawa), KILLER (Colonel Derick), and GODEATER II (various roles). Photo credit from Neil Reinhold.


Cosplay Guests

Carl Martin and his professional prop making business, Shinka Studios, have been a staple of the Texas convention scene for several years. Best known for his appearance on Syfy's Heroes of Cosplay, Carl has been featured by Game Informer, IGN, Cosplay in America, Kotaku, and Forbes. In addition to Judging and emceeing cosplay contests across the nation, Carl has also served as a professional cosplay consultant for companies and enjoys participating in charities such as Extra Life. Check him out on Facebook and Instagram: https://www.facebook.com/ShinkaStudios/ https://www.instagram.com/carlmartincosplay/


Firaga Fox has been cosplaying for several years now and has won many awards...becoming adept in fabric work, prop making, and the overall creation of characters. Growing up a fan of video games, cartoons, and anime, she'll school you in Zelda and Gundam trivia, while splatting you in a match of Splatoon! Check her out on Facebook and Instagram: www.facebook.com/FiragaFox/ www.instagram.com/firagafox/


Kaia Cosplay is a Texas cosplayer based in Amarillo and the Cosplay Coordinator for Yellow City Comic Con. She has appeared all over the United States from BlizzCon in California to KatsuCon in Maryland. She is a regular celebrity guest at West-Texas conventions and shares her love of cosplay and crafting at panels and live-stream events. With a large Facebook and Instagram following, Kaia’s enthusiasm for growing the local cosplay community is contagious! Kaia is a veteran DnD campaigner and PC gamer when she is not learning new crafting techniques. Be sure to meet her and get an autographed photo at KoyaCon! Follow her Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/kaiacosplay99


Tabitha is a model and cosplay entertainer based out of Midland, Texas. She grew up playing any video games she could get her hands on and stayed up late to catch her favorite anime. Ever since she was little, she wanted nothing more than to become part of the unique hobby of cosplay. She has always been creative and jumped right into fabrication. Tabitha began hand making cosplays in 2011 and has since completed cosplays such as Big Sister from Bioshock, Daenerys Targaryen from Game of Thrones, Axel from Kingdom Hearts, and Sgt. Calhoun from Fix-it Felix. She also has talent with makeup and face painting. For the past two years she's been in the cast of Def Con 1, a popular haunted house located in Odessa, Texas where she created her own character known as Screaming Sally. In 2014, she attended the first annual Koya-Con in Midland, Texas, where she won first place in the cosplay contest. In 2015, she attended conventions such as San Japan in San Antonio, TX and Dallas Comic Con Fan Days in Irving, TX. She hopes to always broaden her cosplay abilities and visit more conventions. You can follow Tabitha's cosplay adventures on her instagram https://www.instagram.com/tabbycat_cosplay/ Or her Facebook page TabbyCat Cosplay!

Other Special Guests

We are excited to welcome Kinzoku Kai back to Midland for Koya-Con 3! Here's a special message from the band itself: "We were crusaders who were cursed and banished from our dimension to live here in this world. Our destiny is to denounce the story of our people and to find the way back home. Our vision, to your ears- is the music from realms of; Anime, Video game, and Comic Worlds alike."

Kira Kira Entertainment is a performance group collective whose mission is to celebrate Kawaii culture through music, art, and fashion. Kawaii is the Japanese word for “cute,” and it has become an integral part of Japanese pop culture, and is becoming more popular all over the world. Here at Kira Kira Entertainment, we strive to share the Kawaii culture that we have come to love through our Maid Cafe events, pop concerts, and hand made fashion accessories.

To learn even more about the group visit our blog: http://koyacon.com/index.php/latest-news?view=entry&id=16

IronPandaCore is an online media company primarily focused on Let's Plays and Twitch streaming. Jaron and Toast have been working together for over 3 years to produce the best quality content possible, occasionally joined by friends and special guests. They pride themselves on audio and video quality as well as entertaining content. Check out their website! http://www.ironpandacore.com/ Watch their videos at https://www.youtube.com/c/IronPandaCore & livestreams @ http://www.twitch.tv/IronPandaCore

GalaxyGirl Paida is a pop idol from the heart of Texas. She made her start on Youtube with song and dance covers in 2014, and now focuses on performing live all across the country. As a child she developed an interest in anime which turned into a love and appreciation for Japanese culture, especially music. She spends her time planning great content for online videos and live performances, each time trying something new. Her charm point is her high energy and desire to interact with new people. Paida's ultimate goal is to go international and perform at great stadiums and concert halls in Japan. Please give her your continued support and watch her reach new heights in the Japanese music industry! Don't forget to check out her website too: http://paida.flavors.me