Press Information

Complimentary badges are provided as a courtesy to those intending to do press coverage of Koya-Con. Press members may be freelance, or employed with a major media company.

Print Media:

  • Must be a Local, Regional or Nationally-Recognized print media outlet.
  • Review must be posted within 7 days (newspaper) or 30 days (magazine) after the conclusion of the convention.
  • Must have outlet issued credentials to prove authenticity.

Website / Blog / Video:

  • The website must be its own domain and own web host. We do not accept WordPress.com, Wix.com, Webs.com or other similarly hosted subdomain pages as valid credentials. (This does not apply to YouTube)
  • Website must show at least 1 update per week for the past 6 months continuously.
  • It must have a professional layout.
  • It must show a visibly active community.
  • All video must properly credit Koya-Con and post in the title screen or credits.
  • Write-up reviews must be posted within 15 days of the convention, preferably under 10 days.
  • You must link to at least two articles written in the past 2 months.


  • It must have a listener subscriber count of at least 100.
  • It must do a podcast prior or during the convention with the topic being about Koya-Con for a majority of the podcast and a post-review podcast within 30 days of the convention, preferably under 15 days.
  • The podcasts must give a full review of the entire convention. This does not mean you need to attend every panel, but a substantial review of the con and it’s major events.

Professional Photographer:

  • The applicant must show proof of professional photographer credentials and link to portfolio. Previous example work at similar events is required.
  • The photographer website should be family friendly, we will not link to sites with erotica or sexualized photos.
  • The applicant be on-site for at least 3 hours per day for Friday & Saturday, preferably all 3 days of the convention.
  • The applicant will allow Koya-Con to reproduce all photos for future promotion material.
  • The applicant must submit photos within 30 days to the convention or link to download the pictures, preferably 15 days.
  • They must submit at least 150 photos of a variety of events throughout the convention.
  • Photographer logos can be applied but need to be less than 7.5% of the total photo.

Please note the following when submitting your application:

  • Outlet must be at least two years old.
  • Applying for a press badge does not guarantee a press badge.
  • When submitting your application we require all the legal names of the person(s) requesting a badge.
  • When picking up your badge, all approved people MUST present their legal ID.
  • Each company is limited to a maximum of four total representatives.
  • Press badges are non-transferable and will be marked as “PRESS“.

We will not accept the following;

  • Personal review sites or personal blogs including but not limited to WordPress.com, Blogger or Facebook Pages.
  • Review websites or domains that direct to a Blogger, Tumblr, Livejournal, Blogspot or other sub-domain website.
  • Paid Flickr or Shutterfly Accounts.
  • Non-Professional/Non-Experienced Photographers who do not have verifiable credentials and/or professional portfolios.
  • College/High School Students fulfilling a requirement for a course/personal projects; Journalism & Film Studies.

What does a Press Badge Include?

A press badge to Koya-Con includes regular weekend access to our convention. Press may also have special privileges to interview guests. It does NOT grant you the ability to skip lines, or use any areas off-limits to attendees. Complimentary assigned seating for certain events/concerts. (Subject to availability.)

Koya-Con reserves the right to approve or deny any organization, individual, or company based on the application provided. Decisions are made based on a variety of criteria including the amount of similar media outlets applying for access. The completion of this form does not guarantee placement at the convention. We will inform you by email of the status of your application within 30 days of applying.

Send all credential requirements no later than 06/01/2015 to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it." This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

I missed the registration deadline, is it possible to register on-site?
Yes. You must bring photo identification and appropriate credentials to the registration desk during pass pick up hours to be considered. Keep in mind that we will have to be able to verify your credentials, which can be time-consuming. It is recommended to register for press passes in advance.